Code Architecture


Done in conjunction with Destination Living.


Code Architecture believes good design should be accessible to all and allows nature to form and make architectureCode Architecture believes that good design is less about a postcode. Good design can and should flourish everywhere.


Sebastian, the director of Code Architecture is the son of a builder and an artist. His extensive knowledge not just in the studio but out in the field means that he has a keen awareness of construction and materials and how they impact design.  Working as a labourer for his parents he has had hands on experience with the very materials he recommends as part of his designs. Sebastian’s vocabulary of design is influenced by his great connections with talented industrial artists and industrial designers.


Sebastian Monroe’s approach to architecture draws inspiration from numerous sources. Nature with it’s infinite possibilities and solutions provides the basis for each project. Utilising cutting edge design tools Code Architecture then brings this approach to your project providing much quicker feedback into the design process.


Sebastian was influenced by his mother’s constant desire that more art should be included in architecture. True architecture is one where the architect as a sculptor works on a life size piece of artwork.  Many world renown sculptures have been here for more than one life time, Sebastian believes architecture should be timeless. At Code Architecture we bring art into architecture and sculpture to your home.  Abstracting the everyday into a ‘design masterpiece’.







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